Tuesday, December 14, 2021

NASA compositions, version 2

 These are all different versions of two different photographs, mixed with some of my digital collages throughout the semester. I made these as the second "version" of my NASA compositions presented a few classes ago. 



Monday, December 13, 2021

notes and recollections, week 16, meeting 27

semester-end evaluations

Think of these as reviews, with attention to what has been done (this semester), and where your work is headed (next semester).

A copy of your process book should be present (if delivery is awaited from Lulu, be prepared to present pdf of same).

Your presentation is up to you. It will include some mix of :
physical work (on table or wall);
your blog posts;
other material from Google drive (I can create a google meet for the reviews).

A current proposal/statement of your work should be submitted in advance, and print-outs brought in for the three reviewers.

You may prepare a google “slide show” for your presentation. This would be especially useful for those with few or no blog posts.